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Behind the project - Josephine Wang

As the founder of Clean Water Project, I am passionate and committed to delivering clean water to people and communities who deserve it.

Clean Water Project was inspired by an undergraduate project which focused on a social issue. Naturally, I gravitated towards water. What I did not expect was to learn about extreme lengths of the positive impact of clean water & the negative impact of dirty water, especially in countries that lacked access. I was shocked to learn that so many deaths & diseases could be prevented if people had access to clean water. 

I believe that every human being deserves access to basic necessities. Every person deserves clean water. Every child deserves the chance to live a healthy life & to see a future. Knowing that there are people out there dying every day due to dirty water, I could not stand it & knew I had to do something.


Yes, there are many other organizations doing the same thing — providing clean water. But why limit the amount of organizations providing clean water? & Much more importantly, why limit the amount of people receiving clean water, especially when it is one of life's necessities


Imagine future generations who will not have to suffer from the impact of dirty water or endure long trips just to fetch water.


Join me, & Clean Water Project on our mission to deliver clean water to people & communities who deserve it. 

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