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2020 launch project


Reflecting back on 2020, we realize now more than ever how important health matters. That is why Clean Water Project could not wait another year to launch and decided 2020 was the perfect year to turn our words into action. 


We have a goal to raise $16,000 by May 2021. This will cover the cost of two wells, two gardens, and travel for one person to oversee the project. These wells will provide clean water for years and generations to come. 

Why don't you join our journey and be a part of Clean Water Project - your contribution will change lives and future generations forever. 

To donate online, please click "Donate Now"

To avoid credit card fees and donate with a check, please make it out to [Life House Foundation For Children] and memo line [Clean Water Project]. Mail to:

Clean Water Project

PO Box 12582 

Newport Beach, CA 92658

All donations are tax-deductible. To receive a receipt please include an email or mailing address.

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