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Meet Sinodia

Did you know that in most households, women are responsible for the daily tasks and chores around the home? That includes cleaning, cooking, looking after the home, and making sure everyone is taken care of. Water is a crucial resource to doing laundry, cooking, and most importantly, quenching your family’s thirst. 

Meet Sinodia. She lives in Mhondoro village in Zimbabwe with her husband and children. In her household, she is responsible for many tasks including taking care of the garden, animals, laundry, cooking, and more. Before she ever had easy access to water, she or her children would go fetch the water for the household. Sinodia says, “It was so difficult because I had to go in search of water.” It was time consuming and physically tiring having to fetch water every day. She also had to make sure to treat the water before anyone would consume it. She treats the water with sulfate to try prevent diarrhea and diseases. However, health and safety is not guaranteed.

She got a water well a few years ago that changed her and her family’s life. Sinodia says, “Clean water means good health to me.” She now has access to clean water all the time right in her backyard. This has made a significant difference in her life. She and her children no longer have to go in search of water. Doing simple daily tasks is much easier now. They no longer have to worry about the safety of the water. Sindoa adds, “I just fetch my water and it’s clean. I use it just like that.” Clean water has changed her family’s life.

Watch her video here:



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