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What a year.. 2020 Highlights

2020 has been a crazy year but Clean Water Project definitely has some highlights to share!

On September 15, Clean Water Project launched with the goal to fundraise $7,000 before the year ended.

On October 14, we reached our goal of $7,000 thanks to the generosity of you!

But why stop there? So we decided to continue fundraising with bigger goals and dreams. God willing, we will be able to go to Zimbabwe in 2021 to build TWO wells!

It is December 27, and so far we have raised $10,440. This is more than we could imagine, and we are feeling so grateful.

2020 is over but our mission to bring clean water to others is not. Let us continue on our mission to bring clean water to others in 2021!

Sending love from Clean Water Project to you, thank you for your support, we could not do this without you.



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