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The Story Of Our Founder

Our founder, Josephine, started Clean Water Project as a way for everyone to have a chance to provide clean water for others. Clean Water Project makes it easy for you to get involved and contribute to the future of others.

Josephine learned about the negative impact of dirty water- the diseases it causes, the time and energy spent on fetching water, and how kids lacked the opportunity to go to school.

She couldn't do nothing about the water crisis and had to take action. She visited Mhondoro, Zimbabwe and participated in the building of a well. This well provided clean water for an entire village and future generations.

After seeing lives transformed by the touch of clean water, she knew this was something she wanted to continue to do for the rest of her life. She started Clean Water Project so that everyone could participate on this journey.

Will you join us on our mission to provide clean water to others?

Watch how Josephine's story unfolds and the inspiration for Clean Water Project:



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